Why AW Wool Fabrics are so special.

Hand Dyed Wool Fabrics


The AngelWrap Difference. 


When I first started designing candle mats I could not find good quality colorful wool.  I searched all the major retailers, small shops, and boutiques, I searched the Internet but most of the colors available where muted and dull.  I needed floral colors, the vivid pinks, yellows, oranges and reds. I wanted to see the bright colors that actually existed outdoors in my gardens.  


The only monotonous wool that I could find, easily frayed and was very hard to work with.   So either I created my designs with sub par materials and lifeless colors or start dying my own wool so I could have the quality I would need for my wool appliqué designs and create the colors that would make my work come to life.


So I dug up as much information as I could find, consulted with many experts to create AngelWrap's Wool Color Line.


From hand dying wool for my own projects to developing dying techniques, I created a wonderful solution to all those like me that wanted something better.  I could then create the colors I found impossible to find.  I could use wool that did not fray at the ends and stick through my needle work.  I did not have to consider using “wonder under” to keep my wool from fraying beyond use.  Thus, I would like to introduce you to my new Donna Sadler Wool Color Line.


My unique techniques for AngelWrap Hand Dyed Wool

  • Fabrics are carefully selected and only the best are dyed.
  • Unique dying process creates mottled wool of the highest quality.
  • Dyed one yard at a time in our Angel Wrap dye studio.
  • Fabric that is complex, saturated, and full of movement and light sources.


All Angel Wrap fabrics are hand dyed one yard at a time. We strive to produce deeply saturated, color-rich, fabric. Because they're hand dyed one yard at a time, variation can and does occur from one dye batch to the next, and colors vary slightly from what you see pictured on this website. Please purchase enough for your project.


If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us.  We’ll do our very best to accommodate you and answer your questions.


The wools included in my kits and sold in this section are made with the highest quality wool available.  My colors are vivid and each wool piece as strong color contrast.  Once you start using my wools it will be hard to go back.


Pieces sold measure approximately 16" x16". 


Special orders can be place for larger sizes.